Natural Gas Marketing for Independent Producers

Revelation’s goals are simple: achieving the maximum value for your product. If you are selling gas, we will analyze many different options under which to sell, as well as providing you with the largest market sampling available. This has historically translated into better pricing.

Revelation works with a number of municipalities, local distribution companies, end-users, marketers, pipelines and processors. They are reviewed, based upon dependability, credit-worthiness, back-office support, their experience in your geographic area, and our past experiences with them. We work with you to develop a production profile, and then present the profile to a number of different purchasers. We will then relay the best offer back to you and, if acceptable, we can work with the winning purchaser on credit, contracts, and confirmations. Revelation deals with all the buyers in the region, so we know who is long or short and who is paying premium prices.

All gas purchase contracts are between you and the ultimate purchaser – Revelation does not purchase your gas. You will finalize the deal directly with the appropriate buyer. Unless you accept one of the proposals that we have evaluated and recommended, our service is at no charge to you, and you are under no obligation to accept any of our proposals.

We believe that you, the producer, benefit by utilizing Revelation to save time, gain market intelligence, and add value to your production. With over twenty-five years of experience in the oil and gas business, we are well qualified to analyze market conditions and help producers obtain optimum prices. We can also provide hedging strategy options, financial options, set up and operate pools, arrange for gas storage, invoice your buyers, and advise producers of tariff and/or gathering issues that may affect your decision to develop an area. Because Revelation trades gas every day, we’re aware of the cash and basis values at any given moment.