End-User Natural Gas Supply Procurement

The main goal of Revelation’s “End User” service is to find a dependable supply of natural gas for your company’s needs, at a reasonable price.


Revelation works with numerous natural gas producers, marketers, pipelines and processors, analyzes these organizations based upon dependability, price, back-office support, and our comfort level in dealing with them – based on our past experiences with them.

Revelation will work with you to confirm your anticipated natural gas needs. With your help, we will create a usage profile and price out the alternatives with a number of possible suppliers. Revelation will then relay the best company and bid offer back to you. Assuming that the proposal that we have evaluated and recommended is acceptable, Revelation will interface between your company and the natural gas provider on issues of credit, contracts, and confirmations. If you desire, Revelation will work on developing a financial hedging plan and evaluate available natural gas storage options.

You will benefit by gaining market intelligence and finding dependable and cost effective suppliers for your energy needs and you will save some valuable time in the process.