Audit & Accountability Services

The main purpose of Revelation’s “Audit & Accountability” service is to provide financial and contractual expertise to our customers to insure that their asset management provider or their producer services provider is correctly allocating to these customers only those expenses that they are required to pay and receive the revenues that they are entitled to receive in accordance with the terms and conditions under these asset management or producer services agreements.


Revelation works closely with its customers personnel to communicate any contractual anomalies discovered during our audit & accountability service.

Revelation can structure its audit & accountability service fees based upon (i) a mutually agreeable hourly rate for time spent, (ii) a combination of hourly rates for time spent and a sharing percentage of cost savings discovered and unpaid revenues discovered, (iii) or only on a percentage of cost savings discovered and unpaid revenues discovered. Revelation’s sharing percentages are higher when customers select (iii).